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Hurricane Irma Update


9/15/17 - Great News The Swimming Pool is Open

Grand Venezia Owners and Residents,

We are happy to announce the Swimming pool has been cleaned of Hurricane debris and chemically treated and as of today, Friday September 15, 2017, the swimming pool is now open. Please keep in mind that it may take 2 to 3 days for the heating system to warm the pool.

Thank you
Linda Fernandez
Grand Venezia
Community Association Manager


Dear Grand Venezia Owner,

We are very fortunate that our property and every resident is safe. Although we received major impact from Hurricane Irma, all our buildings, windows and roofs did not sustain any major damage. Just as important, no rain water of surge entered any of our buildings. This is fantastic news. We have some major clean up, however, once power is restored, we expect Grand Venezia to be at the same state within a couple of weeks prior to Hurricane Irma’s arrival. The following is a status report.

  • Power as of 6pm Tuesday, September 12th has not been restored. We expect electrical power to be back up shortly. Possibly tomorrow.
  • The front gates are still locked open however security guards are back on duty protecting our property.
  • There was very little damage to our property. Buildings, roofs and windows held up extremely well.
  • Three small trees fell over and had to be removed. One very large tree in the parking lot in front of bldg. #12 fell over.
  • Fieldstone has chopped up and removed all 4 trees.
  • Flags and all banners in the pool area need to be replaced.
  • No broken windows.
  • No flooding anywhere on property.
  • The swimming pool needs to be cleaned up from heavy debris, tree limbs, palm fronds and lots of leaves.
  • Once power is restored we will check the pool pumps and heating system for damage. Visually there are no current signs of any pool equipment damage.
  • The swimming pool will require extensively cleaning, shock, and chemically treated for balance. It may take 3 or 4 days once power is restored.
  • There was no structural damage to any buildings including stand alone garages.
  • The restoration project and trimming of all tree branches away from the buildings played an important part in eliminating property damage.
  • A few of the benches in the breezeways were destroyed.
  • We will have the roofs inspected to ensure no damage.
  • Note: A large tree branch did fall onto the roof of building #10 broke 3 roof tiles. This will be repaired immediately.

You can see some pictures taken following Hurricane Irma below.

We will send out an email advising when power has been restored.

Best Wishes,

Dan Tsinokas
Grand Venezia COA., Inc.

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